The story of Danil Bagrov
The film that made Sergei Bodrov a national hero.
A movie about
bandits with music
a feature film in the crime drama genre. The fourth film directed by Alexei Balabanov. The first part of the dilogy about the hero of the 1990s, Danil Bagrov, played by Sergei Bodrov Jr.
Director Alexei Balabanov recalled that the story of "Brat" was born out of his old idea to combine bandits and musicians in one film, because he communicated with both. Music was to play one of the leading roles in the future film.
"Brother" was the first full-length film made by Balabanov at the independent studio "STV"
"Brother" is a Russian
Movie plot
Danila Bagrov comes home after the army. On the way he hears a song that leads him On his way he hears a song that leads him to the set where the Nautilus Pompilius music video is being filmed. The hero unwittingly disrupts the filming, fights The hero unwittingly disrupts the filming and fights with the guards and gets caught by the police. After drawing up a report, he is released.
Bagrov goes to St. Petersburg to visit his brother Victor. There he meets a street vendor, Hoffman.
and the fun-loving Kat. Upon finding his brother, the guy discovers that he has become a hit man named Tatarin.
Viktor receives an order from Krugloy to kill Chechen,
and asks Danila for help, lying that the Chechen is extorting money from him. Danila agrees and finds himself
In a trap set by Krugloy's bandits at the market. The streetcar driver Sveta helps him escape, and Hoffman nurses him back to health after he is wounded.
At his brother's request, Danila takes on a new assignment.
The hero's idol, Vyacheslav Butusov, accidentally walks into the apartment where the ambush is organized. In order to save him, the hero kills the bandits. Kruglov's men begin to hunt for him,
and take Tatarin hostage. Finding the militants Daniel reprisals them. He forgives Victor's betrayal, realizing that the money has made his brother weak.
After picking up the payment for the work he has done, Danila goes
to Sveta to take her away with him. After his beloved refuses to go with him, the hero leaves her the money. Danila says goodbye
With Hoffman and Cat, he catches a passing truck and heads off to
to Moscow, hiding his weapon under his clothes.
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